Thursday, 20 November 2014

November update

20th November 2014

RL Buzzard @ Hay Street
Three weeks on from my first blog I finally have time to update on my activities.  Like so many others I have been enthralled to see the Rough Legged Buzzard at Hay Street and spent three succesive mornings, Sat 8th - Mon 10th, standing in or close to a fairly cold, windy field.  However the wait was worth it with the buzzard giving some excellent views as it hunted over the field and fended of several crows.  Saturday was very overcast and windy, good views but not good for photos.  I took about 30 and deleted the lot once I got them home.  Sunday was a little better I managed three photos which I kept, a slightly improved keep rate. 

and again . . .
On Monday the weather broke, blue skies, light winds, high hopes, and some OK results.  I arrived at about 9.30, just me initally.  I decided to walk to the far end of the field where the buzzard had spent most of Sunday.  Once at the far end I looked back only to see the buzzard hovering right above my car!  Not put off I stood firm and was eventually rewarded with some good views and some photo opportunities, not great results but not too bad. 
. . . and again.

Amwell, for me this month has been pretty quiet but now the reeds have been cut things will look up no doubt, in fact they already have.  Yesterday (19/11) I spent a few afternoon hours in and around the James hide looking out at the new "ride" through to the White hide.  The "elusive" Water Rail was evident, I counted six sightings in two hours around the hide, including a "march past" right in front of the hide!  I know there were at least two different birds - there could have been six I guess but probably 2 or 3 is a realistic estimate.  No bittern for me yet but no doubt he/she will appear in the fullness of time.
And talking of Water Rails, visits to both RSPB Rye Meads and HMWT Lemsford Springs (18/11/2014) afforded great views and photos of the rails.  At Rye Meads also evident was a sinlge Pintail, plus Fieldfare, Grey Wagtail and an unco-operative Marsh Harrier (blurred pictures to follow - if I can find them!). Found them 21/11

Marsh Harrier @ RSPB Rye Meads
Lemsford on 19th was a lovely morning, great views of the Rail, with four Lt.Egrets, four Green Sandpipers, colourful male Teal, Sparrowhawk flying overhead and good chats in the hide.  Some photos below.

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