Monday, 3 November 2014

First of some

Inspired by local birders "The Bearded Tit" and "Seymour Birdies" I thought I'd share some of my local nature experiences over the coming months. 

My usual areas includes the Herts & Middx Wildlife Trust reserves at Great Amwell, Lemsford Springs and Rye Meads, and the RSPB reserve at Rye Meads.  Occasionally I wander onto Kings Meads at Ware and Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits.  I'm intending to get to know Panshanger Park and Balls Wood in the not too distant future,  and hope to visit Stockers Lake at some point.

With a following wind and a bit of luck I hope to embellish my blog with a few photos in the hope that they will inform and inspire more than my words.

So, before I set off on this adventure, here are one or two recent photos from Amwell & Rye Meads, I hope you enjoy them and will come back for more from time to time.


Amwell Watcher

Goldfinch @ Amwell

Water Rail @ Amwell

Gt.Crested Grebe @ Amwell

Grey Wagtail @ Rye Meads
Kingfisher @ Rye Meads

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