Friday, 16 October 2015

I've been having fun all summer long . . . (highlights)

 but it won't be long 'til summertime is through.

So, a reprise of my days since my last blog.

July and August were fairly quiet but I just enjoyed being "out there" for the most part, September on the other hand "exploded" by comparison!

Highlight of August for me were the Marsh Harriers at RSPB Fowlmere.  I've never had much success there before but now after several visits I can safely say I quite enjoy going there especially when the Harriers are about.  The only problem is that they tend to be quite distant from the hides and there are few vantage points which overlook their habitat - the reed beds - this coupled with the fact that they are (like me) quite happy to just sit & look for long periods make them a challenge to see and photograph but I'll get them eventually!

I got a few OK pictures this year but I'm sure there are better results to be had - next year.


September came along and I had no idea what was in store.  I got in the car and returned to Minsmere for a couple of days at the end of the month, did a trip to the River Stour at Mistley in the middle of September - just love those Essex birds! - and, of course spent most of the second week of the month at Panshanger Park, Hertford chasing the visiting Osprey.  These three main events had varying degrees of success but generally September was good, very good at times! 
I'll deal with them in at least one separate blogs soon.
The start of the month was more about bugs than birds although I never really got into them as much this year - bugs in this instance were mainly Dragonflies and whatever else was hanging out (mainly) in the Dragonfly Meadow at HMWT Amwell.  One disappointment was that I never got to see the Willow Emeralds this year, but no sleep was lost.  When I look back at the photos I kept for September there were few dragons, no damsels, and a few moths.  As well as Amwell, Fowlmere & Rye Meads also featured for these pics.

HMWT Amwell did throw up a Female Whinchat towards the end of the month which I was fortunate to see, though the photos are a bit distant and grainy (due to poor light & my shaky grip on the camera - and maybe reality too!)

Blog(s) to come will cover September visits to Panshanger Park in search of the Osprey, a day full of lovely Essex birds (and a less full day!) and Minsmere Revisited - all coming (as) soon (as I can be arsed!)
Final message - on a personal note "Hey Graham, did you spot the "theme"?



  1. I wondered what you had been up to!
    Can't wait for the Osprey and Minsmere Blogs!
    You'll have to give me a clue as to the 'Theme'. Is it songs or films?

  2. The theme of the blog is "No theme"!


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