Sunday, 1 October 2017

Summer 2017 - highlights

Well this won't take long!

Summer, it seems, came and went without telling me, I really didn't expect it to be just that one afternoon in August when the bleats off "Oh it's too hot for me" could be heard ringing around the town.

Dragonflies especially seemed to suffer the lack of heat and sun more than most, if I had a "Dragonfly Tick List" it wouldn't need to be any bigger than A5 and could be in BIG WRITING! Whereas the bird tick list (if I had one) could fit easily on the back of a stamp!  Good job I don't do lists then!

Some pics from June 2017 - Amwell (Bee Orchid, Broad-bodied & Scarce Chasers), Hertford Heath (Emerald Damselfly), Back Garden (Toadflax Brocade moth), River Lee Nav (4 Spot), Balls Wood

June highlight - my first ever White Admiral, at Balls Wood

In July, nothing much improved weather-wise, highlights were pretty low, as you can see!  A case of quality rather than quantity.

Panshanger Park (Common Darter), Back Garden (Crab Spider), Danemead (Large Yellow Underwing), RSPB Rye Meads (Sedge Warbler), Sandon

July highlight - Spotted Flycatcher at Sandon (not the Essex one!)

Whereas, August . . . well what can I say!  Not much better that's what I can say! and Insects!

Back Garden (Dock Bug), Front Garden H'bird H'moth), Kings Mead (Migrant Hawker, Orb Spider), Amwell (Red Underwing, Robberfly, KF & Bittern)

But a Bittern at Amwell, in August? I hear you say, "OK I'll give you that one - that's a bonus!", and a Kingfisher too ("Hey Katy, did you get that one? You didn't? Oh well!"), and how about the Hummingbird Hawkmoth? "Ok, ok, August was better, but let's face it, the competition was poor from June & July!"

Here's hoping Autumn will be better (even with the closure of Amwell for much of it!)

Oh and while we're talking about the weather . . .  how wet was it Carol?

This wet, that's how wet! - the floods continued into September! (British Canoeing Open)

"Tight lines!" (for any anglers out there!)

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